Bandit Brewery Brand design

In 2015, Shehzad Hamza and Stephane Dubois, Bandit brewery’s co-founders asked me to create the visual identity of their brand new project : a former garage transformed into a brew pub in the heart of Roncesvalles Village in Toronto.
The main idea was to show one of the most famous animal of the city : A raccoon.
The name is a direct reference to the personality of the animal.
After several proposals,
the logo design became a series of handmade paint brushes strokes like a giclee with wide-eyed and a large blank space to depict both the raccoon and the bandit.
It became an efficient visual signature for the glass and many other marketing products.
After the conception of the logo,
i’ve participated to several steps of the design of the place, like the conception of a mural painting on a wall and more.
Client: Bandit Brewery