Lille Metropole Rugby


Born from the merger of « Iris club Lillois »and « Lille Université Club »,  Lille Métropole Rugby was a club whose ambition was to become the first top rugby team in the north of France.
From 2004 to 2011, The LMR (Lille Métropole Rugby) rise all the way to the gate of PRO D2, the last league before TOP14 access. In 2011, in association with communication agency « Le labo des Marques » was decided to create a new design for the logo, reflecting the new ambitions of the club.
From then, the idea was to blend harmoniously the historical symbols of the city with the rugby universe to create the design.
The logo was used on a wide range of objects and mediums such as jersey, balls, scarfs.
Skills: Branding
Client: Lille metropole rugby